73 Per cent Water

Call me Samna. I’m on a neverending quest for musics, known and unknown, foreign and domestic. If it pleases my ears, I like it. I find the vocals to be most important to me when seeking out new tunes. I sometimes like talking to people and learning about them and I more than often like hookah, sex, art, sexy people, exploring, learning languages, laughing, and writing in Japanese. I prefer large headphones to tiny earbuds and the occasional glass of whiskey (still trying out different brands). I think the most important education you can get isn’t in a damn classroom and the most important word in any language is “Thank you.”If I find something I like - a quote, a meme, a pic - I save it. you’ll probably see a lot of it here.

I hate dishonest people and people who fuck up other people’s lives. Lying sometimes is better than the truth. I hate close-minded people and self-righteous people. Most of all, I hate it when someone tells a person that s/he loves said person and then tries to change him/her.

(Just as soon as I figure out exactly how all this works, I will post more interesting stuff.)